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        Yongjun Rd,Daling Ind.Zone Dalingshan Town,Dongguan Guangdong,China





        -  About Us  -

        Dong guan TADLY precision mold&plastic Co.,Ltd . is located in Dong guan city which has been called “the Town of Chinese tooling”, the company covers an area of 7500 square meters. It’s about 20 kilometers from the company to Baoan airport. The environment is beautiful, its economic is developed, and the traffic is very convenient.

        Our company main products is Precision mold building. Automobile mold, Household appliances mold, electrical mold,ATM banking system mold, printer mold, Vacuum cleaner mold .etc. We are also provide plastic injection mold and products assembly for our customer.

        There are a total of over 200 staffs at our company, Including 45 engineers and designer,52 senior mold maker, more than 100 molding maker and mechanical technicians, The company has more than 70 sets of different kind of mold manufacturing equipment, including 12 sets of milling machine,13 sets of precision grinding machine,4 sets of wire-cut machine,16 sets of CNC machine,16 sets of EDM machine,1 set of CMM and other mold processing equipment.

        After 11 years of development, Tadly has grow up to a Middle-large size plastic mold and molding manufacture. Today, There are about 500 sets of molds we made each year. More than 80% of the molds are export. The products made in Tadly are exported to The United States. Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Mexico and other countries.

        The company established a sound production management system and quality management system, forming a set of scientific and efficient mode of management, and activity developing products, expand the market. Won the market and customers’ trust by efficient, fast, high quality and low cost of enterprise advantage and good market service. Our company have been awarded the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification.

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