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        Yongjun Rd,Daling Ind.Zone Dalingshan Town,Dongguan Guangdong,China





        -  Quality Control  -

        We have formed a group of staffs with professional technology and excellent management, With the development of qualification of ISO9001-2008 International Quality system, we have fully improved our comprehensive quality. We are continue to carry out our Quality Guide----Quality First, Elaborate Management & High Efficiency, Meanwhile, we will endeavor to keep improvement and pursue for perfection so as to offer excellent and best service to our customers. Quality and reliability are designed and built into every products.


        1.Document and Data Check

        2.Design Optimizecontrol

        3.Steel Hardness Inspection

        4.Electrodes Inspection

        5.Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection

        6. Pre-Assembly Inspection

        7. Trial Report and Samples Inspection

        8. Pre-Shipment Final Inspection

        9. Mould Package Inspection

        We have a full array of inspection equipment in our facility to accomplish any required measurements. All of our inspection equipment and employee personal inspection tools are calibrated annually. This calibration is done in house by our staff using ISO standards.

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