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        > Automotive Molds
        > Precision Molds
        > houshold Molds
        > Electrical Molds
        > Metal Insert Molds
        > Other molds
        > 2K&Overmoulding
        > Injection Moulding
        > Machining Parts
        > Die-casting

        Yongjun Rd,Daling Ind.Zone Dalingshan Town,Dongguan Guangdong,China





            Dong guan TADLY precision mold&plastic Co.,Ltd . is located in Dong guan city which has been called “the Town of Chinese tooling”, the company covers an area of 7500 square meters. It’s about 20 kilometers from the company to Baoan airport. The environment is beautiful, its economic is developed, and the traffic is very convenient.
            Our company main products is Precision mold building. Automobile mold, Household appliances mold, electrical mold,ATM banking system mold, printer mold,  ...MORE>>

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        Tel:+86(0)769-83005580 Fax:+86(0)769-89026016 E-mail:sales@tdl-mould.com
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